Aarush Dolas wins World U-7 School championship in Turkey!


About Chess

Chess is believed to have originated in Eastern India in 6th century, it was then known as “Chaturanga”. And through its journey from India to Persia, Europe and Russia it gained its final form as we know it today by the end of 18th century. First modern chess tournament was held in London in 1851. It is when chess started to gain popularity in all levels of society. Chess problems were a regular part of 19th century newspapers.

In India, chess has risen in popularity in last few decades primarily due to increasing number of chess grandmasters in India and former world champion from India.

What Kunte’s chess academy does?

In Pune WIM & National Women Champion Mrs. Mrunalinee Kunte-Aurangabadkar started chess coaching in year 1995.
After coaching a number of students, bringing out the best in them and with growing response overall with every passing year, Kunte’s Chess Academy was started in 2007.

Apart from training, Academy also holds regular training camps by renowned players. Earlier camps included guidance by GM Ubilava – Trainer of World Champion V.Anand, IM NK Mishra, IM V. Koshy.